Dreams i have of the two of us alone. Sharing heart-felt memorable moments of erotic and sensual passion. With only the glitter of the stars up above blanketing our naked bodies, hard-pressed and sweaty together – as One.

Sharing with you sunsets that make the sky look like it’s on fire. To share with you, the diamond in my life – whose smile alone never fails to brighten up my day, whose gentle touch carries with it such strength, almost unknown to mankind – a unique experience that would bind us together for all Eternity.

Not the physical kind. Rather, a love comprised of two soul mates whom understand each other and would sooner die themselves, before allowing harm of any kind to fall upon their jewel.

My dream always ends the same. Missing you always, my Love. For you and I, we are forever Eternal.

Much Love and Peace to all,


The Power of Love

To fall in love
Is a gift from God
A treasure to cherish
Deep in one’s heart

The love of another
So deep and so tender
Sealing the fate
of a Holy union

With its simple appeal
Quite natural and pure
Revealing its depth
Of passion and strength

When soul mates find themselves
There can be no mistaking
Their unbreakable will to survive
Even through the hardest of obstacles

For such a treasured love is a rarity
Especially in these exhausting times
And so to see a couple fall in love
Is a blessing only God can claim.

Dream Warrior

Shattered pieces fallen from my world.
Sharp edges with cuts so deep
that apologies cannot mend.

You appear.
A dream warrior. Strong in stature.
A diamond in the ruff…

Thought to have been lost,
a faded memory,
A knighted ghost in my dreams.

Standing now before my eyes.
Through the windows of my soul,
You found your way into my heart.

Loving Me.

You have consumed my soul.
With all of your kindness
you have opened a world beyond compare.

In taking my hand in yours,
you have gifted me with your

Whispering kisses tickling my soul.
Gentle strokes of passion igniting our spirit ablaze as one.
You’ve granted me entrance into your heart,
for that and much more, I am grateful.

I yearn for your touch each night.
For your security.
For your serenity.
I can never get enough of you.

You are a dream that keeps me awake each night.
I long to cuddle with you, to feel you.
To feel you touching my body. I need you.
My life is complete with you by my side.

Thank you for being my knight in shining armor.
you make me happy. You keep me safe.
You make me smile, laugh and cry.
For all those emotions and much more,
I will always love you.

Good Morning Kiss

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Old make-up mirror.

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How many times in a single day do we all check ourselves in the mirror?  First thing in the morning, again before walking out the door, not mention each time we stop in a washroom and the numerous times we pass by a mirror throughout the day.  In most cases, each one of us is winking back at our reflected Ego’s.

How grossly shallow, empty and devoid to any strand of conscious self-awareness are we, that we allow captivity by Ego?  That we streamline back and forth between Past and Future.  As if we were children playing on the teeter-totter, spinning round and round in circles.  As adults, we still play in our minds.

Never truly observing the precise reflection we emanate continuously, day in, day out.  Never once ceasing the vicious time-line, (much like a freeze moment) in order to allow for the pure immersion of one’s self, to be fully conscious (aware) of the NOW.  To be completely de-cloaked, even if only for a moment, of all the negatrons that feed Ego such as fear, anger, lack of confidence, self-doubt, self-respect, the list goes on; permeating awareness of our own reflection in that precise moment.

It is said that the eyes are indeed the windows into our soul.  How many of us ever, and I do mean ever truly gaze deeply into their own soul?  To Live, I mean fully Live in that moment.  Seemlessness…. Is the-ever-present moment of Now.  Not one minute ago or three years from now – nay, but living in the Present.  Beingness.

The next time you pass by a mirror and inevitably wink back at yourself. STOP.  Take a second look.  Go ahead, look more closely, gaze deeply and simply Let Go.  Catch a glimpse of your soul.  Live in that quintessential moment.  Go ahead and try, I dare you!!!

Much peace and love,


Hello world!

Hello world, Xandra here to say good day to all the fashionista’s out there!  The sun may not be outwardly shinning, on this fine day, however; the fires that burn within us all bring about smiles and good cheer to all that we meet in our day.